Accommodation in Brisbane – Choosing the best spots to stay in Brisbane

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland with a modern urban skyline and buzzing economy making it Australia's third city. Brisbane, the heart of Queensland  is a green and diverse city with a splendid climate and is blessed with sunshine all year long. As a coastal city, Brisbane city has so much to offer. Visitors from all over the world come to the Sunshine State to embrace the beautiful coastline, lush green spaces, and tropical urban lifestyle in this pleasant part of Australia.  Visiting the Sunshine State is fun and exciting, but finding the right accommodation is somewhat tricky if you do not look at the right places. Therefore, you will need to have a good idea about the low-cost suburbs and towns in Brisbane to get the best deals. So where are the prime places to stay in Brisbane as a visitor, and what do you need to consider when selecting a hotel in Brisbane? Here you will find the best places to stay in Brisbane, best places to visit in Brisbane, how to get about in the city and where to find the best deals and excellent value for money during your stay.
Man made beach in Brisbane
Brisbane man made beach
Brisbane city botanical garden
Brisbane city botanical garden
Story Bridge Brisbane
Story Bridge Brisbane

Getting around in Brisbane

If you are driving, you will need to look out for hotels with parking. There are plenty of hotels in the city with free parking depending on the location you choose. Of course, here at Ascot Budget Inn & Residences, we offer completely free parking to all our guests. However, we do encourage you to check with us if you are planning to have your car for a longer period. If you are an international driver you will need a valid foreign licence and a translation of it if the licence is not in the English language.

It is fair to say that Australia’s third city has a very good transport system. Commuters and visitors can get a TransLink Go card to travel up and down the city at very low rates. Besides, public transport could be the more environmentally friendly and cheaper option if you happen to frequent the CBD quite often during the stay.

There is a free bus service that runs within the inner city. Every ten minutes, the City Loop and Spring Hill Loop bus services circle the city. It stops at quite a few locations in the CBD and Spring Hill between 7 am to 6 pm on weekdays. We do encourage you to check the Translink website for more information about getting around on public transport.
There are of course taxi ranks near the international and domestic airports. And, if you are in a rush, the city also has a good supply of taxis within the inner-city limits. The taxi is a really good way to get out and about especially if you want to sight see the backstreets and in-roads of Brisbane. Of course, there are ride hailing services like Uber, Didi and others if that is your preferred option.

There is also an excellent electric train service that connects Brisbane to its suburbs. The network extends to outer Queensland up to the Gold Coast allowing passengers to commute within the state with convenience.

Ascot Budget Inn & Residences is located within 8 minutes from the Brisbane airport by car. There is also a free shuttle bus to the hotel. So, if you are new to Brisbane or on a budget, this is the perfect way to get to our hotel.

There are plenty of excellent transport options in Brisbane. Therefore, if you plan well in advance, getting value for money would not be difficult. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing a hotel in Brisbane during your stay.

Getting around in Brisbane

Check for transport links to and from the accommodation

Brisbane public transport

  • Is parking free?

  • What are the local amenities?

  • The location of the hotel

  • Is there a shuttle bus or other transport link?

Places to Visit

Discover events, attractions, activities, shopping & restaurants in Brisbane's Heart of the City

Brisbane city Botanical Garden : The Bisbane City Botanic Gardens is a heritage-listed botanic garden on Alice Street, Brisbane City, City of Brisbane Queensland Australia

Kangaroo point : Kangaroo Point is an inner southern suburb in the City of Brisbane and is situated directly east across the Brisbane River from the Brisbane CBD

South Banks Parklands: South Bank parklands is Brisbane's premier lifestyle and cultural destination
Brisbane night life

Accommodation to suit your activities

The CBD is the place where everyone wants to come to. Locals, tourists and businesses all come to the city which lights up during day and night without stop. There are shopping centres, giant retail parks, cafes, restaurants and museums for you to enjoy.

The Brisbane Arcade gives character to the city with an excellent vintage architectural structure that dominates the city scape. Built-in the 1920s, the Arcade has an abundant supply of art, history and vintage decorations to be to amazed by during your shopping trip.

If you are up for quirky, character-filled market stalls, then the West End is a must-see part of the city. There are laidback coffee shops, used items stores, farmer’s markets and even vegan food stalls. The entire city is very safe including the West End so you can freely roam around alone even at night. The somewhat hippy character to this part of town works as an excellent mix to the city’s urban vibe.

Although unusual for a large city, Brisbane has an artificial beach right in the centre of the CBD. That is correct – a manmade beach is slap bang in the middle of Brisbane to keep you cool during the hot summer months. Locals, workers, and tourists all love this beach and it adds to rare feature to the city’s identity. There are not many cities with manmade beaches in them, but Brisbane hits a home run with this unique addition to its cityscape.
2 Bedrooms with Kitchenette Standard
2 Bedrooms with Kitchenette Standard
Budget Twin Room with Shared Bathroom
Budget Twin Room with Shared Bathroom
Studio with 2 Double Beds Standard
Studio with 2 Double Beds Standard
2 Bedrooms with Balcony Standard
2 Bedrooms with Balcony Standard

Ascot Budget Inn & Residences’s location

So, when selecting an accommodation in Brisbane, you will need to consider your plans during the stay and the places you are likely to visit. Remember about the importance of the transport links to and from the hotel. Staying in the CBD will save your travel time, but it could cost you a small fortune at the end of the stay. There are many affordable options just 15 minutes away from the CBD out into the suburbs. Make sure you do your research and plan well-ahead before booking to avoid last minute expenses.

Our hotel is conveniently located just 7.5 kilometres from the CBD. By car that only takes 15 minutes and before you know it you will be in the urban jungle exploring the little wonders of this beautiful city. If you are not sure about the place to stay in Brisbane during your stay, we recommend you to have a look at the Visit Brisbane website to get an idea about the best attractions in the locality.

Being located in a prime suburb, our hotel offers great value for money for visitors of all budgets. Not only that, we are just a stone’s throw away from the country’s most prestigious racecourses. Both Eagle Farm and Doomben Racecourses are within walking distance from the hotel. So, if you are visiting the races or coming close to the area, Ascot Budget Inn & Residences is a prime candidate as the choice of your hotel.

The best part is our hotel’s proximity to the airport and CBD. The airport is just 8 minutes away and the CBD is just 15. With that level of convenience, our accommodation has proved to be one of the best locations for visitors all over the world. And do not take our word for it – have a look at what our previous guests have said about the hotel on Trip Advisor.

What about safety?

On the whole, it is fair to conclude that Brisbane is a pretty safe city. Out of all the major cities in Australia (well there’s only two, really – Sydney and Melbourne), Brisbane ranks as one of the safest according to official data. This allows you to stroll alone on a lonely back road without fear. On the same note, the locals are friendly and easy going. You will feel welcomed and the warm Brisbane sunshine will keep you smiling all day.

Ascot Budget Inn & Residences is located in one of the best suburbs in Brisbane so there is nothing to worry about if you are travelling alone. There is an abundant supply of cafes, pubs and restaurants as soon as you step outside of the hotel. Even if you want to grab a snack at night, there is a place for you to feed those night time cravings during your stay.

The downsides

As with any city, not everything is filled with positives. Ironically, being lush and green is part of its downside. Due to its tropical climate, there are lizards, flies and ants almost everywhere you go. Most of these creatures are human friendly and are harmless but they could be fighting each other especially if you leave behind bread crumbs from your sandwich!

To overcome this, we recommend having meals indoors. But nothing beats a cosy meal out in the open air, and if you get accustomed to multi-legged creatures like the locals, you are guaranteed to have a ball of a time.

That is the only downside we can think of – just the bugs. Being a tropical city, Brisbane has so much to offer in terms of wildlife, flora and fauna and open spaces. Although this may be somewhat a bold statement, we feel Brisbane is better than Sydney and Melbourne in terms of weather, value for money and entertainment.

Choose carefully

When you dream to spend some quality time in a city like Brisbane you would want to look for the best hotels. Anyone would consider a place of luxury that would perfectly fit your budget to enjoy Brisbane's beauty. When selecting a place to stay in Brisbane, we invite you to consider Ascot Budget Inn & Residences as your number one choice. We hope our great location and affordable rates will help you make an easy decision to stay with us during your visit to this beautiful city.

Ascot Budget Inn & Residences provides comfortable and affordable accommodation in Brisbane. We have an excellent transport link to the CBD, and the airport is within reach under 10 minutes.

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