7 Reasons you should visit Brisbane

As soon as you think about Australia, Sydney and Melbourne are the first two places that come to mind. But as the country’s third city, Brisbane combines the main plus points from both these two cities. While Sydney is famous as a modern global hub with fantastic weather, Melbourne earns its reputation for the refined European culture with unpredictable and not so fine weather! In complete contrast, as the third most populous city in Australia, Brisbane has authentic Australian culture, a modern town and fantastic weather. With 280 days of sunshine, the city has the full-Monty of Australian culture, landscape and climate where Melbourne and Sydney are falling behind.

So, here are five more reasons why you should pick Brisbane over any other city when you visit down under.

1) The home of koalas

As an icon of Australia, koalas are cute, furry and adorable. Brisbane has the world’s largest koala sanctuary in Lone Pine, with over 100 other species interacting with them. There is a tourist vibe to the sanctuary, but this is a haven for all the wildlife fans out there!

2) The largest city hall in Australia

Brisbane’s city hall had Australia’s second-largest structure after the Sydney Harbour Bridge when construction was completed. With a giant clock tower with a height of 92 meters, there is no better way to observe the gorgeous views of the city than from this high point.

3) Pre-historic past

Brisbane is one of the oldest cities in Australia. It was founded in the early 1800s by the British settlers after the indigenous Turrbal and Jagera peoples. The last name was Edenglassie but was changed to honour the governor of New South Wales, Sir Thomas Macdougall Brisbane.

7) Great architecture

From modern skyscrapers to museums and art galleries, the city offers various places for the locals and visitors to explore. Also, the botanical garden adds a refreshing, colourful touch to the entire cityscape

4) Super easy transport system

The city’s public transport system is one of the best in Australia. There are buses, trains and green taxis everywhere for you to get easy access to wherever! One of the best things about the CBD is that it has many footpaths and walkways to explore the local weather cityscape.

5) 283 days of sunshine a year

Beat that, Sydney! Warm and pleasant weather in full swing for most of the year, and there is no other city in Australia with a sub-tropical warm climate like Brisbane. Even in the height of winter, it hardly drops below 20°C, making it the perfect wetting for plants, people and wildlife.

6) South bank

Brisbane’s South Bank earns its reputation as a cultural, recreational, social and educational open area. The river’s south bank is the home to lush green parklands, cafés, restaurants and stunning river views. There are 42 acres of open space for any visitor to relax, breathe and fall in love with!
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