Ascot: What’s on the Menu?

At the first instance, you may not have even heard the name of the suburb Ascot. However, it is the home to Queensland’s largest international airport and the main gateway to Brisbane. As the pathway to Australia’s third city, it is easy to think of Ascot as the town closest to the airport and horse racing. Time for a rethink!

The suburbs of Ascot and Hamilton demonstrate a classic story where the old meets new. When it comes to the architecture in Ascot, they are steeped in heritage with grand old homes. You cannot miss the large blocks of land with city views day and night.

But that’s not all. If dressing up and horse racing is not your cup of tea, there’s plenty more to explore in and around Ascot. The local coffee bars are renowned for their taste and depth in flavour. The town’s favourite local coffee roaster Fonzie Abbott was born and bred just outside the racecourses. So, every cup of coffee brews in the traditional and local flavours for you to indulge.

After you get your coffee fix, there are many places to cater to your demanding taste buds. There is no better place for this than Brisbane’s Portside Wharf. It is a hub of multicultural dining opportunities catering for all types of cuisines and dietary requirements. Some of the must-try places are:

• Gusto da Gianni – classic Italian
• Byblos – Lebanese
• Bamboo Basket – Chinese
• Sono – Japanese


There are steak houses and classic American spots too. Cruisers Alfresco offers European-inspired dishes with an Australian twist with local ingredients, while Belvedere Bar N Grill specialises in steak. And for your spicy cravings, there is also Aamaya, one of the best-regarded restaurants for Indian curries. If you fancy Asian curries, the Betong 888 is the place to try authentic Thai cuisine. And for those late-night snacking and anytime eating, it has to be Hello Harry for gourmet burgers and Pineapple Express for a healthy superfood hit. Arriving hungry will make you feel satisfied!

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