Best places to eat out in Brisbane – Our Top Five

Every city has its unique foodscape. Vibrant dine-in and take out places have now almost become one of the most defining factors in modern times for a city. And Brisbane is no different. With world-class restaurants to quick eateries dotted across the city, you will be spoilt for choice in this great Aussie urban-hood.

We take a short glimpse at one of the most popular cafes and restaurants in the city. With our top five lineup, you can shortlist your favourite spots when you next visit this fantastic city. We have included the most popular cuisines as they will appeal to most of us.

Melt Brothers

Inspired by New York-style street food cuisine, Melt Brothers offer fresh bread, cheese-loaded sandwiches. There are plenty of options to choose from for those looking for a healthier option gluten-free. Dive into a grilled cheese sandwich with a modern twist when you visit the city centre.

Gerard’s Bistro

The best part about this restaurant is the ambience it has to offer to diners. A distinct Moroccan and North African vibe blend into the setting perfectly with the menu they offer. There are plenty of European infusions when it comes to the food, so there’s something for everyone. The restaurant is conveniently located in the city centre in James Street, Fortitude Valley.

5 Boroughs

Just a few minutes away from our hotel, this beautiful restaurant serves some of the most amazing dishes in town. Another New York inspired eatery, 5 Boroughs offer everything from classic American to fine cocktails. This is a must-go if you are dining as part of a group.

The Wolfe

Another cosy joint, The Wolfe, offers a spectacular dining experience with its food and ambience. The décor takes a fusion between modern and vintage to produce a uniquely Aussie feeling. As with the food, you will be tempted to try sheep’s milk sorbet and tofu skin.


Nestled in the heart of the CBD, otto has something for everyone. The restaurant offers modern Italian cuisine with plenty of options for special dietary needs, such as vegan and gluten-free dishes. You can tuck into a hearty Italian meal overlooking the Brisbane River. The ravioli is a must-try!
best place to east in brisbane melt brothers
These are our top five restaurants in the Brisbane CBD. Of course, there are plenty of other restaurants worth trying out in and around the city whenever you are in town. To find out about where to stay in Brisbane, why not visit our accommodation page?
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