Things to do in Brisbane at night

Every city has a unique night vibe, and as Australia’s third city, Brisbane is no different. The spectacular weather in the region invites you to do almost any activity at night, just as you could do during the day.
The street market is the most notable in the city. There are more than 70 food stalls selling food with cuisines across the globe. Whether you prefer gluten-free or vegan, there’s an option for every dietary requirement. All you need to enjoy the night food stalls are yourself on an empty stomach and a buddy with good decision-making skills!

If you are up for something fun and exciting, we recommend the part district in the city. The city’s iconic nightclubs where people from all walks of life meet up to dance the night away. From students to over 50s, the choice is unlimited to revelling through the night in Brisbane. There is an ever-growing Latin club presence where you can dance salsa until dawn!

A dining experience under the Story Bridge is sure to elevate your night to the next level. The Story Bridge is one of the best places in the city. The famous landmark is magnificent at night when lights are lit and the sunsets.

There are countless bars and restaurants in the CBD in which you have a fabulous night out. The chilled-out locals are inviting every day of the week. If you have been to Australia before, the cuisine is diverse, with Asian, Mediterranean, European and American dishes for you to devour.

All in all, you will not be disappointed when you visit the city at night. The choice for any visitor is unlimited whether you are looking for a place to dine in or party hard.
Story bridge at night
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